About the Practice

Boca General & Family Medicine is a family-run medical office in Boca Raton, Florida. William Rowland, MD, and his team of medical professionals, including Michelle Feffer APRN, Dr. Cooperstein, Daniela and Jared Levine APRN, have created an atmosphere of kindness and compassion that’s filled with laughter and goofiness. Each patient who walks through the door enters not the waiting area, but the “living room” and is treated as a member of the family. The family and sports medicine practice provide expert care for people of all ages, including young people and young families, adults in middle age, and seniors.

The practice offers primary care services and specializes in men’s and women’s health, as well as sports medicine and senior care. Boca General & Family Medicine also provides expert care for dermatological concerns, such as removal of skin tags and warts, and chronic health conditions, such as diabetes.

The team at Boca General & Family Medicine wants every patient to feel comfortable and valued when they walk into the office. For expert health and wellness care, call Boca General & Family Medicine today, or schedule an appointment online.