After extensive research, Dr. Rowland has come to believe that Natural Medical Grade THC and CBD Oil can offer you, the patient, the opportunity to experience a higher level of patient care and quality of life. Our goal is to reduce your pain, improve your gastrointestinal health, decrease your stress level, and increase your energy levels.  All while reducing the intake of synthetic pharmaceutical medications. At Boca General and Family Medicine we believe that your mental and physical well being is connected on many levels.

It is our mission to ensure that we reconnect your best mental self with your best physical self. We cannot promise to cure your illness, but we are promising to dedicate ourselves to finding a more Organic and Holistic method of treatment for YOU. 

It is important to understand that you MUST HAVE A QUALIFYING DIAGNOSIS according to the state of Florida.  Dr. Rowland cannot recommend you to the MMUR (Medical Marijuana Use Registry), without this qualification. Each visit is customized to your needs. This is your time to have a more in depth look into your health. Once you have had your first consultation appointment with Dr. Rowland and he has approved you.  We will then register you online with the MMUR.

 Your Medical Marijuana Card is assigned to you by Dr. Rowland. Meaning that you cannot take your card to another MD to ask for refills. The card would be registered with the MMUR’s data base with your ID# and Dr. Rowland as your MD.

Please contact our office for further information  regarding the appointment.